Objectives and Community Initiatives

The main objective of The Love Kindness Program is to explore ways in which we can make Milwaukee, WI known as the Milwaukee Loves Kindness City as opposed to the negative words so often associated with Milwaukee. We have listed our objectives and suggestions for community initiatives that can achieve the goals of our advocacy program. We hope that with continued support and cooperation from the different institutions of our community, we can create a place that promotes the love for kindness. Some of these initiatives are in place while others are merely proposals. However, these can be adopted in any community willing to promote the Love of Kindness we encourage.

  • We create Love Kindness awards at Community Baptist Church. This requires creating a committee to evaluate candidates that are nominated and establishing criteria that evaluate acts of kindness and kind behavior.

  • We encourage other churches to consider establishing Love Kindness awards at their churches.

  • We distribute Love Kindness buttons to all who are willing to wear them and pass them on to anyone who comments on them.

  • We begin to utilize the website: www.lovekindness.org as a way of sharing this program.

  • The Milwaukee Times is printing a by-weekly Love Kindness column that encourages readers to share kindness stories. We hope other papers will publish similar columns.

  • We create a group of as many churches as possible to form a Love Kindness committee to support this effort.

  • Representatives of the above committee shall ask the Mayor to support a Love Kindness program as a way of promoting our city.

  • We meet with the Milwaukee Police Chief to see if a Love Kindness program can be incorporated into how the city’s police interact with the residents as a way of improving relationships.

  • We ask the Milwaukee County Sheriff to see if a Love Kindness program can improve their relationships with the residents of Milwaukee.

  • We encourage the Milwaukee School Committee to create Love Kindness awards in all the Milwaukee schools.

  • We print Love Kindness bumper stickers and distribute them to all who agree to put them on their cars vehicles.

  • We ask the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce to create a Milwaukee Love Kindness promotional program.

  • We present this idea to the Milwaukee civic and fraternal clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.

  • We create a challenge to other cities to develop their own Love Kindness programs.